Jeannie's Artisan Jams has an exciting new Jam/pickling classes in 2015! At
Casalegno Family Farm in the Soquel Hills here in Santa Cruz.

Jam Making Basics & Easy Pickling Classes this summer date TBA

Jeannie Munson of Jeannie's Artisan Jams will teach you several methods of jam making & simple pickling of seasonal fruits and vegetables from Casalegno Farm and 100 year orchard and from our own fruit trees. The classes are hands on and students will take home jars of their creations to share with family and friends. The kitchen is well designed for teaching allowing for a more intimate learning experience. I'm excited to share my passion for the craft with you! For more info about classes or to request private small group classes please contact me at

Here are student testimonials from past classes taught at Love Apple Farm 2009-2010

"I had a wonderful time in the Jam class; you are a wonderful teacher and the class was fantastic. I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future!"   -Corey Seward, student

"I loved the class &thank you for sending the recipes. I've already shared my experience of making jams with you, to all of my friends."
 -Desiree Cromwell-Craft, student

"Thanks for the great class...Your knowledge, experience and your personality all add up to a great presentation....Thanks for the wonderful recipes."
 -Dave Tansey, student

"Thanks for the recipes and the fun time at the canning class. You really did a great job of making a lot of jams in a short period of time. I especially liked the different methods you showed us."
 -Diane Ruddle, student

"I so enjoyed the jam class, I'm inspired to start jammin myself. You were a great teacher, non-threatening and fun the be with."
 -Jane Marks, student

"I learned many new things, had a great time, again thanks for a great learning experience. " -Debbie DellaBetta, student

"Thank you so much for the great jam class. I came away with several helpful hints, and I expect to have more reliable outcomes the next time I make jam. You were very generous to give us samples of all the jams to take home."
-Donna Richeson, student