"Your White Peach Lavender jam: It makes one believe! Wow!Taste of fruit, smell of flowers, in one mouth" - Kit B.

"So if you had asked me a couple years ago how I felt about jam I would have said "meh whatever". Then, I meet Jeannie's Jams, and get to know and fall in love with her amazing jam creations....Strawberry Balsamic Fig?!? White Nectarine Lime!!!! Spiced Plum Apple Butter!!! Even simple ones like Blackberry and Apricot - yummmm! But about Jelly I still would be saying "meh whatever - what, am I 5?" UNTIL in walks 4 Berry Jelly and I am SOLD!!!! Wow, it is already gone! When I make the PB&J for my sons lunch I swear I eat 1/2 of the jar off a spoon.....Thank you for your hard work, dedication to the finest ingredients and most of all your love.♥ - Marissa Kotila

"Just polished off the Cardamom Clementine Marmalade! Amazing...will have to grab a couple full size next time. Makes me want toast every morning...or tea every afternoon...or a cheese plate every night...or biscuits...or an ice cream sundae (your jams are amazing with ice cream!). Just give me a spoon. :0)" - Tracy Q.

"Jeannie, for dessert just now, I cracked open my new wee jar of Cara Cara Vanilla Bean jean, took a tiny spoon full, and savored it.  *In.Cred.Eh.Bul. It's *almost* as beautiful as you. Almost. ♥" 
- Kelly P.

"OH~~~Jeannie's Jams. OMG. THE BEST! Seriously, I licked the plate...I got the Meyer Lemon and Mango Marmalade and the Pluot Vanilla Bean. Absolutely filled with love.You can tell that girl loves loves loves her craft...."
-Sheri H.

"Can't wait to come out to Love Apple Farm again to pick up some of your jams...they are truly amazing.. after eating your Jam...we don't want to eat anything else...
-Quinn Cao

"Jeannie, We LOVE your jam. You are indeed an artist. Right now working on the white peach and lavender. I'll be out this weekend to get more jars for gifting."
- Helen B.

"Jeannie's Jams make regular pb&j into gourmet pb&j!"
-The Hollister Sutton Family

"I loved just seeing all your JAMS! I tried a couple that I purchased yesterday this morning. I couldn't decide...so I made them "share the toast" with eachother. Delicious!"
 - Tammy Holgrem